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If you’re ready to take courageous steps towards confidence, take control of your business once and for all, and stop apologizing for what you want, let’s work together!

What's My Approach?

We start with your values. What's most important to you? How do you define success? What do you know for sure?

I prioritize YOU. We identify your goals, dreams & ambitions. If you knew you couldn't fail, what would you do?

Together we create a plan that blends both, and take courageous steps toward your more confident future.

What I know about you

What I Know About You...

  • You're smart, thoughtful and experienced and your business reflects this
  • You are not a victim and you know this is the time to embrace your ambition
  • People look up to you for your leadership style and what you've achieved so far
  • You take action when something isn't right in your business or life
  • You want to be the heroine in your own success story and help others be the same

But I Also Know...

  • You worry you have to change who you are to succeed
  • You're bumping up against glass money & leadership ceilings you didn't realize were there
  • Your business isn't growing fast enough and figuring out how to fix that is frustrating
  • You sometimes sabotage your growth or success with unconscious blocks
  • You're facing new upper limits in your abilities and business growth and aren't confident about your next steps
What I know about you

For women just like you:

I offer 1:1 coaching and Online Coaching Programs, and am available for speaking engagements for women’s groups large and small.

I also host the She Breaks The Mold Podcast – new episodes alternate Wednesdays with inspiring women, just like you, who have figured out how to take one courageous step after another in pursuit of their ambitions. Listen via my site or on your favourite podcasting platform.

Be Ambitious For Her Coaching

Be Ambitious For Her™

What do I mean by that? How can you do it?
  • Be ambitious for yourself – the future you! Identify the big ideas/problems you want to solve with your business that light a fire under you and create tangible steps to get there
  • Lift up and promote other women doing a great job, being ambitious for themselves and others. The rising tide raises all ships – including YOURS!
  • Provide opportunities for other young women to be ambitious for themselves in your business and sponsor their career development
Ready to leave fear & apologies behind?
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