She Breaks The Mold Podcast

Welcome to She Breaks The Mold – the podcast for self-employed women who are ready to build bigger, better, more fulfilling businesses that fit with the lives they already love. I hope you’ll join me every Wednesday for tips, tools, insights and a little tough love. And learn how to manage your thinking so you can defeat self-doubt, and create space in your mind and life to achieve what you’re really capable of. If you’re ready, let’s break the mold together…


I’ll cover topics that resonate deeply with women solopreneurs, like how to improve your money mindset, how to think about your role as CEO in your business, what success means to you, and how to think new thoughts to achieve better results (this is mind-bending but amazing work!). 

Older episodes have a slightly more corporate focus, and include fascinating discussion on diversity & inclusion in the workplace as it relates to women, while more current episodes are intentionally created for women solopreneurs.

Links to every episode are below (media player in each post) or subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, PlayerFM, Castbox and iHeartRadio.

While I’ll be doing significantly fewer interview episodes in future, if you think you’d be a great guest for my podcast, please start by reading this post, and then email me at janet @ beambitiousforher.com with your pitch. If I haven’t recently covered your topic and think your story is compelling, I’ll reach out to set up a time for us to chat! Thanks, in advance, for your interest!

She Breaks The Mold Podcast