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Lisa Pezik Episode 38 She Breaks The Mold Podcast on

Permission to Pivot in Your Business with Lisa Pezik, Content & Business Strategist

She Breaks The Mold Episode #38

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I’m welcoming my friend Lisa Pezik to the podcast this week to talk about what happened when she decided to make a 180 degree pivot in her business and completely switch her business model, her target audience and her offering all at once.

Lisa has made two huge pivots in her career so far and we talk about both today: the first from ICU nurse to online health & fitness coach, and more recently, to business and content strategist for online marketers.

Her story is a fantastic example of how your past is never a predictor of your future path. As Lisa says, who would have ever thought this is what she would be doing, looking back at her early life in Pennsylvania being told what to take in college by her mom, who had her ideal life already planned out for her. 


How a close call with a transport truck changed everything

Lisa shares the moment everything changed for her and how she decided to leave everything behind and finally show up in her life the way she wanted to. 

You’ll learn from Lisa:

  • Why she’s so passionate about serving women business owners in particular
  • How recognizing her own learning fatigue in the online business space led to her most recent business model
  • Why her story gives others permission to walk away from what isn’t serving them in their lives and businesses
  • What she had to let go of to switch models, audiences and insdustries and leave her health & fitness coaching business behind
  • All about her upcoming program, Burn to Rise, and how it was born from a desire to help women nurture themselves while still achieving their daily and weekly goals in a healthy AND ambitious way
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I didn’t know who I was growing up if I wasn’t pleasing or achieving. Those were the two things that drove me. I found when I don’t nurture myself I make the worst decisions. So now it’s about feeling more time, joy and happiness. 

Lisa Pezik

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