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Episode #32 She Breaks The Mold Podcast at on Values-based entrepreneurship

Lessons in values-based entrepreneurship with Amanda Munday, Founder & CEO of The Workaround

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Lessons in values-based entrepreneurship with Amanda Munday, Founder & CEO of The Workaround and author of "Day Nine: A Post-Partum Depression Memoir"

When you know what’s most important to you, even the toughest decisions are easier to make. Not easy, but easier. For my guest this week, operating a business steeped in her values was fundamental to her definition of success. 

Amanda Munday is the Founder & CEO of The Workaround which is a co-working space in east Toronto offering something many other workspaces don’t – quality childcare. This offering isn’t just an add-on, though. It’s an intentional part of Amanda’s business design and one she doesn’t compromise on.

Amanda started The Workaround after becoming a mom herself and realizing there were few options available for families that don’t have two, full time working parents who can commit to full year placements for their kids in larger childcare centres. Obligations that often mean one parent is working just to fulfill the cost of sending the child to daycare in the first place. 

There had to be a better way, thought Amanda.

Lessons in Values Based Entrepreneurship with Amanda Munday Episode 32 She Breaks The Mold Podcast at

Providing quality childcare as a means to shrink the pay gap

Amanda is a fierce advocate for solutions that help women return to work that fulfills them, helps them contribute to their families, and yes, their own ambitions. She sees unaffordable childcare as a key reason many women take themselves out of the workforce after becoming moms, and there’s lots of evidence to show she’s right. Women who typically make less than their male partners (in more traditional husband-wife families) feel the default is for them to stay home and look after the kids, and society supports them in thinking that the primary caregiver role should fall to women. 

“This is so much more important now in the gig economy where we move jobs, cities even, and that affects parents’ mental health and their wallets. Women pay a “tax” as their careers stall and they re-enter the workforce further behind their former colleagues,” argues Amanda. She looked around and didn’t see any good answers to solving this particular pay gap, so she created her own solution.


Amanda Munday quote epsidoe #32 She Breaks The Mold podcast

In this episode we talk about:

  • How Amanda holds her values close, even in the midst of tough financial decisions;
  • How she is shifting her mindset to see money as a tool that helps her help more families to succeed, rather than a negative force that comes with all sorts of emotional baggage attached;
  • How she handles shiny object-itis as an entrepreneur and instead focuses on the compound growth effect of seemingly doing the same things repetitively;
  • Her view of the “long-suffering-workaholic-entrepreneur” archetype and why we need to find another way; and
  • Why she wrote her important book: “Day Nine: A Post-Partum Depression Memoir” and how her experience with severe post-partum depression informs the “Why” of her business and how she serves her customers now…

…and SO much more.

I hope you’ll listen.

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