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Aspiring - The Skill Behind Ambition

Aspiring – The Skill Behind Ambition

When something feels off in your career, or you think you’re not where you should be, how do you handle it?

Do you internalize the situation and conclude that somehow you’re not enough? That maybe you’re just not the type of person to achieve your goals? That achievement and ambition are for other people, but not for you?

If so, you’re not alone. As women, we’ve been socialized to look inside ourselves for something to fix – a way to BE different at work – when we’re bumping up against glass ceilings and facing hurdles at work that we’ve never been taught to bust through or leap over. After all, men are making it happen for themselves, so it must be something we’re just not capable of, right?

Find better balance. Be polite. Don’t come off as too much! Stand up for yourself – but not like that! Don’t rock the boat. Don’t be argumentative. Be softer. Don’t boast. Arrrghhhh!

One of the core beliefs of my coaching practice is that women don’t need to be fixed. That “being enough” is not your problem – you already ARE everything you need to be successful. The problem is, you probably weren’t taught the same skills the boys and men around you were. It’s not a matter of BEING differently, it’s about DOING differently.

The KEY to all of this is knowing it’s a skill – it’s something you can and should learn. Once you do, it’ll open up a whole new world of career possibilities.

That skill is Aspiring. And it’s the first skill you’ll learn in the Break Your Glass Ceiling program I’m offering starting November 6.

Even if your career is important to you, you probably weren’t born reaching for the stars. Maybe your parents had different expectations for your brothers than for you. My mom tells a story of wanting to go to medical school, but my grandfather wouldn’t help pay for her education because she “would only get married anyway and it would be a waste”. We’ve come a long way, baby, but the remnants of those beliefs still circulate in our parents’ minds, and even in our own.

Here’s the thing no one tells us:

Our brothers and male friends weren’t born with their ambitions either. They were encouraged by parents, society, and the corporate world to think and dream bigger, build goals and ambitions and to go after them. That in fact, they could even become Batman!

All while many girls are still encouraged to be pretty and attractive to the boys with the big ambitions and nice cars. We still see it even in the clothing and toy choices offered to little girls and boys. We think it’s cute, but it’s damaging our daughters’ ability to aspire to something more…to know that their goals and dreams are just as important as those the boys have. 

Most importantly, that your dreams and goals can be separate from boys/men altogether – they can be just for YOU. 

Break Your Glass Ceiling

Even if you’ve read this far and are thinking, “I’m perfectly capable of coming up with my own goals, thanks”, Break Your Glass Ceiling will help you:

  • Decide once and for all what your goals are,
  • Figure out how they align with your values – the things you care about most in life,
  • Determine how your everyday decisions relate to your goals,
  • Recognize the critical voice in your head that reminds you that you should somehow BE different to achieve your goals, and 
  • Figure out where you really want to be in your career.

If you’re ready to learn more, I invite you to meet me online for one of my FREE, live webinars on the Break Your Glass Ceiling program and hear how we can work together to help you grow in this skill of aspiring.

Four times remain: Oct 9 at 12 pm or 7 pm, or Oct 23 at 12 pm or 7 pm.

**This program is no longer being offered

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