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Shana Recker Ep 39 She Breaks The Mold podcast at

How to turn your idea into a business with Shana Recker

NOTE: I’ve moved to Listen to older episodes of the She Breaks The Mold podcast here, or join me at the new site for newer episodes of the Minimalist Business Academy podcast

Shana Recker is an entrepreneur, a coach and a passionate advisor to people (especially women) who have an idea for a business, but don’t know the right steps to get them moving down the startup path.

Shana’s business started with an idea while on a vacation in a Chicago hotel room, but ended up on a shelf at home once the vacation ended. Like most of us, she worried she didn’t have what she needed to pull it off, wondered “who was she” to try to do it, and that she had to be someone other than who she really was to pull it off.

What she wants you to know now?

"This is YOUR LIFE and you only get ONE. If you've been stuffing down a dream because of thoughts of "who am I to do that... or I'm not qualified to do that" I'm here to say YOU ARE the right person, you were giving the dream, the idea because you are the EXACT PERSON to pull it off."

She eventually started that business (for the story you’ll have to listen!) and now her sweet spot is coaching you from idea to online launch. And she uses her graphic design background as an add-on to help you get started with just the basics, or complete, done-for-you services that include building a website and brand in just two days!

What You'll Learn From Shana:

  • How her life completely changed the day she decided to do the scary thing and follow her dream
  • How providing consistent value will help your audience see you as the expert, even if you feel like an imposter!
  • Why resourcefulness and the ability to figure things out is crucial for anyone who wants to succeed as an entrepreneur
  • The two most important things you need clarity on before launching that will act as a springboard for everything else 
  • Why you really do need a website (even if you think you don’t)
  • Why you need an email list and why social media isn’t enough
  • How to use social media to drive traffic to your website even in the early days
  • Two fantastic email tips and a way to use Pinterest no one is talking about yet!


If you’d like to learn more about Shana’s programs, visit her at or on social media where her handles are all @shanarecker!

And check out her incredibly helpful podcast, The Dream Hustle Podcast, for more insights and help from Shana.

Thanks so much for joining me Shana!

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