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Break Your Glass Ceiling

How to Break Your Glass Ceiling

I think a lot about the word “ambition” and how we oversell it to the point where it feels unattainable – or only valid for people with CEO-level goals.

The truth is, over the course of your career, you’ll bump up against several ambition plateaus – or glass ceilings, if you prefer. Some put there by your own limiting beliefs, and others that are very real and the result of centuries of patriarchal standards and expectations.

When you bump up against a new one, you have two choices:

  1. Decide to stay where you are and live with the limitations on your learning, abilities, talents, and compensation, or
  2. Look for the cracks and keep working on it until the whole thing breaks open.

You might find it frustrating to keep confronting these plateaus but I’d like to offer you a new perspective: It’s when cracks form in the ceilings, just as you’re about to break them, that the light gets in. And that’s where the learning happens! And also the sense of accomplishment.

Think of it like stages in a multi-level video game, where you have to learn new skills, take on new challenges, fail a few times, and learn before you can access the next level. Kids don’t have trouble with this concept. 

To level up, you need to do the work, learn, risk and act. As a girl, you were probably taught in school, and from a young age, that if you sit still, hand in your homework on time and are not disruptive, you’d be recognized with A’s. But the rules change when you get to work and have to undo all that learning that was meant to keep you small, obedient and “likeable”.


Believe me when I say this:

You do NOT need to be fixed.

Full stop.

The problems women face at work have much more to do with unconscious bias and outright discrimination than with any supposed weaknesses we inherently represent as women. However, sometimes the impact of that bias leads us to behave in ways that allow us to be likeable, but don’t help us succeed – a double bind that increases the perception that we’re inherently weak to begin with. And round, and round we go…


Here’s the thing – while you are most certainly awesome already, and don’t need to be “fixed”, there are some tools you can add to your toolkit, behaviours you can challenge, and beliefs about yourself that you can stop accommodating, that will help make some of this better until the rest of the world wises up.

And that’s why I’m offering you the opportunity to join a limited group of women (max 8) to participate in a new program I’m running called Break YOUR Glass Ceiling. 

It’s a 6-month, virtual group and 1:1 coaching program for women like you who want to own your strengths and develop the skills necessary to advance in your career, while addressing any barriers that get in your way.

The program starts on the evening of November 6 and addresses 6 key topics – a new one each month – that as women, we typically struggle with at some point in our careers:

  1. Focusing on aspiring – it’s a skill we’re typically not taught!
  2. Building powerful networks
  3. Speaking up and advocate for yourself in meetings, with your boss
  4. Taking credit for your work
  5. Positioning yourself as leader
  6. Negotiating for raises/promotions/opportunities


This program is for you if:

  • You’re tired of being overlooked for promotions and feeling that your opinion doesn’t count
  • You’re skilled and capable yet somehow don’t see yourself as the leader you are
  • You have great ideas and you want to speak up and be heard
  • You’re motivated and ambitious, and
  • You know you deserve to feel great about yourself and get ahead in your career.


It is NOT for you if:

  • You’re not ready take responsibility for your career OR you don’t believe you can have a direct impact on your own success
  • You’re not ready to invest the time and resources necessary to finally break through the glass ceiling you’re facing now
  • You aren’t willing to share with a small group of amazing, ambitious women who want to learn from/help each other up-level their careers.


To learn more, visit my Break Your Glass Ceiling page.

Or if you’re ready to hear even more about how this program could help you, register for one of my 5 upcoming webinars/info sessions. NOTE: webinar attendees who stay til the end (45 mins or so) will be offered a fabulous incentive not available to those who sign up directly. Click the link below to register for a webinar if you’re ready to hear more:

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