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Episode #9: Maggie DiStasi, Career Transition & Leadership Coach

Episode #9: Maggie DiStasi, Career Transition and Leadership Coach

Maggie DiStasi spent years in the world of corporate finance and financial technology, with her last role as Vice President, Technology for a brokerage department of a major Canadian bank. Several years ago, after a medical crisis and a desire for change inspired her, she took a huge leap and became a career transition and leadership coach. And now, she brilliantly helps others navigate their own transitions – those ready for the next step in the careers, wanting to start new businesses, or simply try something new. She also recently joined the faculty of the Business Coaching Advantage Certificate Program in Toronto.

Maggie focuses on her clients’ individual process to create positive change in their working lives. She explains this further in our interview and for those of you who worry about your ability to set concrete goals and achieve them, Maggie has a perspective on this problem you’ll find reassuring!

Maggie and I have had several conversations about how to help women negotiate for raises, promotions and opportunities at work and we decided to bring our conversation to the podcast! So this interview is a bit about coaching, Maggie’s program “Break The Glass Ceiling” (for women ready to take the next steps in their careers), and also on the challenges women face as negotiators, and the opportunities we have to change some of the stereotypes by focusing on our values and the inherent wisdom we already bring to these conversations.

Maggie is warm, engaging and inspiring and I know you’ll come away from this interview with a few “aha’s”, and some ideas for how to solve some of the career stumbling blocks you’re facing now.

What you’ll learn from Maggie:

  • How “glass ceiling
    issues” hold women back
  • How we can learn to focus on what we do control (not seeking permission to act, building relationships with senior leaders), vs what we can’t (bias, pay inequity) to make change and get unstuck in our careers
  • Why it’s important to get the other person to say
    “No” early in a negotiation
  • How she coaches women experiencing Imposter
  • How to use a mind-map tool to find confidence where you don’t
    think you have any


Maggie is ambitious for:

Lia Grimanis, founder and CEO of Up With Women

Links to organizations/people mentioned in this episode:

Maggie DiStasi Coaching – Maggie’s coaching business

Louisa Jewell – Author of Wire Your Brain for Confidence

Valerie Young – Author of The Secret Thoughts of Successful Women

Business Coaching Advantage Program

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