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Episode #6: Komal Minhas

Episode #6: Komal Minhas, Founder KoMedia Inc.,  and Producer of the feature length documentary Dream, Girl

Sometimes, just when you think you have the world on a string, life chooses that very moment to remind you you’re not in control. What’s that saying…if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans? It feels unfair at the time, but if we’re lucky enough to survive those moments, we can usually find what Komal Minhas refers to as collateral beauty. Otherwise known as a silver lining…the ancillary lessons we can take from a miserable experience to help us not only get through it, but thrive on the other side.

That kind of resilience is one of the most important skills for entrepreneurs, or anyone really, to master. My guest this week is a great example of the work it takes to get there. In her mid-twenties, Komal Minhas was starting a bright career as a film producer and distributor and in a partnership with a good friend that resulted in the feature length documentary, Dream, Girl. Just a few short months before the film was to premier at the White House, and being named to Oprah’s Super Soul 100 list,  she was diagnosed with cancer. In this episode, Komal tells us what happened next, how she survived only to face another medical emergency, and what she’s doing now with the abundant learning she has taken away from these experiences.

What you’ll learn from Komal:

  1. How her family healed and forged closer ties through her illness
  2. How she discovered the work she’s meant to do – reminding others of their potential – and what breaks her heart
  3. Why teaching women (and especially minority women) the importance of investing and building intergenerational wealth is so important
  4. Her perspective on being a first-generation Indo-Canadian and the responsibility she feels to the women who came before her, and the young women behind her, to make the most of the opportunities life in Canada has afforded her.


Highlights, by time:

  • 02:00
    – How seeing an inspiring kickstarter
    , and sending the creator one email changed the trajectory of her life
  • 04:05
    – How, even as a young woman, her background as a first generation Canadian helped her see with a mature, intersectional lens, the struggles many women still face in 21st century North America
  • 05:30
    – What being the first woman in her family NOT to have an arranged marriage means to her
  • 08:00
    – How being diagnosed with cancer at 26 required her to choose life over everything else she had going on at the time
  • 11:50
    – Finding collateral beauty in all bad experiences and what she acknowledges was the most beautiful outcome of her illness
  • 14:00
    – The important message she has for all women (and the person she used to be) around finding ways to love ourselves
  • 17:00 –
    What breaks Komal’s heart and how it helps her know she’s meant to help women discover their potential and inherent value
  • 20:00 –
    How she views "hustle" and how it can be productive if married to your true purpose
  • 25:00
    – Work addiction as a way of numbing something that just doesn’t feel
  • 27:00
    – What drives Komal’s entrepreneurial spirit?
  • 31:40
    – Why the current entrepreneurial funding structures don’t usually work for women and what she’s working on and investing in to change that
  • 38:40
    – Lifting the veil on investing for women – it’s not really that
  • 42:56
    – What’s in store for KoMedia in the next three years?

Komal is ambitious for her nieces – and hopeful for the world and opportunities they’ll inherit.

Links to organizations/people mentioned in this episode:

Rupi Kaur

Dream, Girl

Oprah’s Super Soul 100

The Helm

KoMedia Inc.

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