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Episode #5: Michele Viner, Founder of A Little Wordy

Episode #5  – Michele Viner, founder of A Little Wordy

I adore Michele’s business. I firmly believe in the power of words to change minds, lift up, inspire, and in short, be day or even life-changing. And so, I wholeheartedly support Michele’s efforts to bring those ideas into the world – as a customer and as a woman.

She started A Little Wordy after quitting her job to be at home, supporting her daughter who had recently been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

It’s an inspiring story of how sometimes, the trials of motherhood can also be instigators of really good ideas that are helpful beyond the scope of our own families. Yes, we need more women in science and tech – but we also need more women bringing their hearts and souls to ideas like this that can have huge societal impact.

What you’ll learn from Michele:

  1. Why she felt like taking a job outside her family business was “stepping outside her comfort zone” but also why she thinks everyone can benefit from both corporate and entrepreneurial work experience
  2. Why she believes words have the power to encourage, lift up, and change someone’s day
  3. That knowing “why” you’re launching your business will take you farther than just focusing on what you sell
  4. How giving back to mental health initiatives through her business is tied to her “why”


Highlights, by time:

  • 02:40
    – How taking a full time job outside the home felt like stepping outside her comfort zone
  • 06:10
    – Why having both corporate and entrepreneurial work experience was helpful for her and why she recommends it
  • 08:30
    – Why Work At Home Moms need to celebrate the extra work they’re doing while they’re also doing the job of looking after their family full time
  • 09:40
    – The story of A Little Wordy and
  • 12:50
    – How Michele put on her figurative lab coat to learn everything she could to help her daughter navigate her new diagnosis
  • 18:50
    – How social media has made communication faster, but not necessarily more effective and why we need to find ways to slow communication down again and add personal effort and intention
  • 21:40 –
    Why motherhood is the true "Mother of Invention"
  • 23:00
    – Why the conversation around mental health needs to change, particularly in the workplace
  • 28:25
    – How recent media attention has been validating and what the future holds for A Little Wordy
  • 30:00
    – Why it’s important to Michele to donate 10% of sales back to mental health initiatives

Michele is ambitious for Leanne Matlow, educator and Cognitive Behavioural Therapist in Toronto

To connect with Michele, find her online, or for other links mentioned in this episode:

A Little Wordy

Mental Health Empowerment Day

Elevator Digital

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