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Episode #22: Angela Lussier, Founder & CEO Of Speaker Sisterhood

Episode #22: Angela Lussier – Author, Speaker, Podcast Host, and Founder & CEO of Speaker Sisterhood

One day, while running her career coaching and consulting business, Angela Lussier realized she was tired of constantly filling her new client funnel and trading her hours for dollars. Deciding there had to be a better way to bring her valuable insights to more people, and make money while she slept, Angela took out her journal and asked herself three important questions. The answers to that self-inquiry helped her realize that public speaking was what she loved, what people asked her about most, and where she had been most successful. And she knew she had to build a business around helping women use their voices and develop their public speaking skills.

Her first step, an online course called “The Speaking School for Women”, was a 6-week online program on building your brand as a speaker, building a signature talk, pricing, expectations and marketing. And when enthusiastic students completed the course, they started asking where they should practice their talks.

Her suggestion to try Toastmasters was met with less than enthusiastic response and that’s when she hit on another need – women wanted a safe space where they could practice with other women who knew their challenges speaking up as women, and so she held her first event to help women speak up and use their voices:

The women who attended went from being strangers to being sisters because they had shared this common bond about what it’s like to speak up the in the world when you’re a woman. I had never experienced anything like I did in that two hour meeting in terms of connections, the transformations, and the opportunity that lies in having a group of women in a safe space who trust each other to say the things they can’t anywhere else in their lives. And to build their confidence in what they believe, what they care about, and what they want.




Angela Lussier is an award-winning speaker, five-time author, two-time TEDx presenter, and CEO and founder of Speaker Sisterhood, currently with 32 public speaking clubs in the US. Angela is the host of the Claim the Stage, a public speaking podcast for women ranked #1 on the inspiring podcasts list by Forbes in 2017. She is a contributor to Huffington Post and her work has been featured on ABC, NBC, Forbes, Virgin and Entrepreneur. Her motto: Stop waiting. Start creating.


What you’ll learn from Angela in this episode:

  • How actively listening to her coaching clients’ questions and the needs behind them led her to the solution that is now Speaker Sisterhood
  • Being a shy kid and a quiet adult made her feel like an “unlikely public speaker”. BUT also helped her realize that if she wanted to be a leader, she had to learn to speak
  • How taking the first, courageous steps to use our voices, and tell our stories leads us from sheer terror to confidence!
  • Why she worried she wasn’t “feminine” enough to lead a group of women to use their voices, and how sharing that vulnerability with friends helped her get over the idea that all women have to love pink and sparkles and “girly” things to belong in a group of women
  • What she wants to explore in the next 100 episodes of her podcast, and why telling the stories of women who aren’t necessarily “experts” or published authors is a fascinating way to help women relate to the way others are getting there
  • Why the Speaker Sisterhood curriculum is designed to encourage vulnerability early in the process, how it creates trust in the group and teaches women to express what they’ve always been afraid to say


Angela is ambitious for:

Lauren Simonds, one of Speaker Sisterhood’s members and someone who is actively taking it’s lessons to heart, stepping away from her fears and choosing her hopes and dreams instead.


Links to organizations/articles/books mentioned in this episode:

The Speaking School for Women

Speaker Sisterhood

Claim the Stage Podcast

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