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Episode #20: Katherine Dean, the Financial Empowerment Woman

Episode #20: Katherine Dean, Founder & CEO Living Your Worth, Inc.

Katherine Dean has an ambitious goal: to impact one million women with her message of financial empowerment. And its not just an audacious business goal. It’s a purpose driven statement that she hopes will impact these women’s daughters and families so that the important message of women’s financial independence becomes commonplace.

After the totally unexpected breakdown of her first marriage, Katherine had an epiphany: she was completely financially unprepared for the worst-case scenario which, at the time, was her spouse walking out. And while her life looked great from the outside, she was really living her ex-partner’s dream – not her own. In her words:

We had the golden retriever, the white picket fence, I lived in the “happiest town in America” and had two beautiful young girls. Everything on the outside looked perfect. But on the inside, I was falling apart but maybe didn’t know it at the time because I was keeping up a facade.


She was working in the financial services industry at the time and thought, “If this can happen to me, if can happen to anyone.” And after spending three years to get her own financial well-being in order, she started telling others about it – being vulnerable and honest about it for the first time.

And that’s when people began asking her how she did it.




Katherine views her work as more than just providing a financial plan. She acts as a coach for women seeking financial empowerment.

Anyone can give you a plan and the tools to get there. But what do you want as you’re going through the journey? It’s not only about having a million dollars. It’s about your connection to it. There’s something behind the reasons you want certain freedoms in your life and that’s my approach to coaching people through the process.


What you’ll learn from Katherine in this episode:

  • How important it is for women to understand their financial position and the role they play in it
  • How so many women are unprepared for life transitions that will leave them either financially destroyed, or at the very least, unprepared
  • That financial planning involves more than just dollars and cents. It should be based in dreams…goals…and desires. And yes, even vulnerability.
  • How the financial industry expects women to show up and the impact on female employees who try and fail to to live up to that definition
  • Why we need to marry our financial goals to our life goals. And stop saying “I’m a treehugger. I can’t be THAT person (ie. wealthy).”
  • What Katherine does to make it easier for women to be vulnerable with her about their current financial health vs. their goals and dreams
  • How sticking with the status quo is a choice just as much as choosing confidence, wealth, and a healthy financial position will be
  • The importance of recognizing our prevailing financial archetypes that speak to us as voices in our heads – “Money doesn’t grow on trees”, “You can’t get blood from a stone”, etc.
  • How to flip negative financial thinking and make even unexpected expenditures feel more empowering


Katherine is ambitious for:

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