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Episode #2: Erin O’Neil, Founder of Broad Conversations

Episode #2: Erin O’Neill, Founder of Broad Conversations

Erin O’Neill calls herself a “non-profit digital communicator inspired by curiosity, driven by data, and sustained by a touch of idealism” – a great one liner to describe such an interesting, ambitious young woman.

I’ll add just a few words to tell you a little more about Erin who:

  • has a Masters in Philanthropy and Non-Profit Leadership and post-grad certificates in Public relations and Fundraising Management
  • actively volunteers around the city and was a founding member of the Hamilton chapter of Ladies Learning Code (now Canada Learning Code)
  • is the founder of a new non-profit org called Broad Conversations that offers gatherings in Hamilton, Ontario for feminist broads. “Our formal gatherings are designed to inspire new ideas and reflections on important topics within a feminist context.”
  • also has a day job as Alumni Officer, Digital Engagement at McMaster University in Hamilton

In this interview, Erin offers explains why she started Broad Conversations, and how she manages depression and anxiety by turning negative feelings about about world events into productive, warm, and encouraging action to inspire other women to do the same. Erin is a great example of being the change you want to see in the world and we all have a lot to learn from both her outlook, and her actions.

While Erin didn’t start Broad Conversations with a work focus in mind, her events are instructive on the importance of building networks, learning to trust and use our voices, and how diverse teams benefit all organizations – all things that are completely transferable to a work environment.

Realizing life is grand for me but that doesn’t mean it’s
been grand for all women has been important learning in my feminist


Key segments (timed):

06:00 – How the 2016 US election both saddened her and inspired her into action – as a Canadian woman

09:15 – How her feminist journey taught her that the goal isn’t just seeking equality with men, and that the equality she enjoys as a white, middle class, educated, Canadian woman is still not a reality for many women of different backgrounds

15:40 – How important the social offerings from Broad Conversations are so that women can develop relationships that further  conversations and goals

16:55 – How the impressive “Feminists & Fractals” event in Aug 2017 came to be, and why she’s sharing the “How To’s” in a google doc so anyone can create something similar in their city

23:10 – The birth of the Broad Convos Radio Show/Podcast (and at 23:45 why someone being ambitious for her helped her start it!)

28:00 – Why Erin considers herself a “Shine Theorist” – this will resonate with most women!

33:15 – What Erin learned from her mom’s optimism

34:50 – Erin’s definition of ambition and her struggles with its negative connotations

Erin is ambitious for:

Janelle Hinds of Helping Hands App

More books and organizations mentioned in this podcast:

Shine Theory

McMaster University Alumni Association

Broad Conversations Radio Show

Thanks for listening/visiting!

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