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Episode #10: Amy Impellizzeri – Corporate Litigator Turned Author

Episode #10: Amy Impellizzeri – Corporate Litigator Turned Fiction Author

What do you do when you’ve always loved your job – the job you planned to have for life – but suddenly it doesn’t seem to fit you anymore? Today’s guest had just this experience after 13 years as a successful corporate litigator in New York City.

Amy Impellizzeri loved the law and will never stop calling herself a lawyer (a title she earned through years of hard work and study), but the day to day work of being a corporate lawyer soon began to encroach on her family life in an unacceptable way. And she knew something had to change.

What came next were jobs working with entrepreneurs and advocating for women while at a virtual magazine called Hybrid Her. But on the side, Amy was working on the beginnings of what is now her full time career – being a published author. Since leaving the law, Amy has published a non-fiction book called Lawyer Interrupted about how to leave the practice of law for a new career path. And she is currently working on her fourth novel (Why We Lie) – with Lemongrass Hope, The Secrets of Worry Dolls, and The Truth About Thea already published and out in the world.

To find out how she did it, and the suggestions she offers others in similar situations, you’ll have to listen to the podcast! Amy’s advice isn’t just for lawyers – her suggestions are completely transferrable to many fields.

What you’ll learn from Amy:

  • 22:00 – How to
    "graduate" from your first career and maintain or transfer the value of the education, skills and experience you gained there
  • 24:00 – How telling other people about your career transition can make it more real and hold your feet to the fire
  • 30:20 – "Pre-flight considerations" – how to leave your career behind for a new one without just running out the door unprepared
  • 31:20 – How to find time in your busy life to pursue other options if you’re unhappy in your
  • 35:40 – Why leaving full time work for full time care-giver roles without proper planning can be problematic
  • 38:30 – Real-life tips for
    managing your financial commitments when transitioning from a high salary job to one that doesn’t pay so well….yet!


Amy is ambitious for:

Sarah Lorish, an aspiring film maker and former gymnast creating films like Seek The Owl (about finding what you’re passionate about) and Survivors (a film about survivors of sexual abuse in gymnastics)

Links to organizations/people mentioned in this episode:

Amy Impellizzeri

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