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Devon Brooks Episode #25 She Breaks The Mold Podcast at

Season 2, Episode #25: Devon Brooks, Co-founder Sphere & Founder/CEO Blo Blow Dry Bars

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Season 2 of the She Breaks The Mold podcast is here!

I’m excited to introduce my first guest of the season, but first a few notes about changes to the show format for this year. There will be fewer long form interviews this season and more solo episodes with me sharing insights, tips and tools on topics you’re facing at work or with building your businesses.

I’ll still interview amazing women who break the mold every day and help lift other women up at work. And so, this week’s episode is a perfect blend of what you can expect from the podcast in 2019!

I’m thrilled to introduce this week’s guest, Devon Brooks. You may already know Devon as a Co-Founder of Blo Blow Dry Bars – a franchise model business that transformed the salon industry by making beautiful blow outs accessible to women all over North America. Devon founded the company when she was just 20 years old with her mother, Judy Brooks.

What you might not know is that she’s working on reimagining another industry as the Founder and CEO of Sphere – an app that makes the experience of personal coaching customized, convenient and totally approachable so you can focus on growing and transforming your life, career or business.

Sphere connects Guides (coaches) with Seekers (clients) via an iOS app intended to streamline the process coaches and clients go through to find one another – usually a longer process involving word of mouth and referrals. According to Devon, 

Coaching is both an art and a craft. Most people, when they become a coach, want to spend their time helping their clients not in business development. Even those who are highly organized or entrepreneurial would rather give up the back end stuff to spend more time helping people. Sphere does that acting as a marketplace and end-to-end platform connecting clients and coaches to make it easier for both to keep growing.

As a coach with Sphere (you can find me on the app if you’re a Beta user), I can attest that it’s a wonderful idea from both the coach and client perspective.

But we don’t just talk about coaching in today’s episode. Devon is a fierce supporter of organizations helping to end violence against women, as a survivor of rape at the age of 18, and another attack when she was just 21 and in the middle of growing Blo. We talk about what these experiences taught her about fear, courage and how she brings the perspective she gained about both to her leadership roles.


What you'll learn from Devon:

  • Why growth is both uncomfortable and necessary for both people and businesses
  • How she realized that the way coaches do business, and the way clients find coaches, were both ready for transformation
  • Why being a people-first company is so critical, how it helped grow the Blo Blow Dry Bar business and how she believes it's helping Sphere in it's early days
  • How workplaces could be transformed if companies invested in coaching for their junior employees, not just senior executives
  • What her experiences with trauma taught her about fear and how she brings this learning into her leadership
  • What confidence really is and why we can't just wake up one day and "decide" to be confident
  • The positive impacts on business, family, community and the economy when we're able to show up as the individuals we're capable of being
  • Advice Devon would give to a young woman who wants to start a business but is letting fear stop her
Devon Brooks Episode 25 She Breaks The Mold podcast on

Devon on ambition and why we ALL need a coach:

I’ve definitely felt judged or belittled because of my ambition or what I was trying to accomplish. And in those moments, it doesn’t feel good but I’ve always been able to stand back and recognize that its that person’s projection. I think that’s why it’s so difficult when people are seeking to grow and the only relationships they’ve set up for themselves are colleagues, friends and family. Because those people all have skin in your game and they have an agenda that may be totally loving, but also full of judgement and story around what it is you should be doing.

Find Devon here:

Devon Brooks:

Devon defined a new market category, co-founding Blo, the world’s first and largest franchise chain of Blow Dry Bars. The company now spans four countries, with 100+ locations, and has attracted collaborations with international mega-brands like Mattel, Guess, Topshop and Gwyneth Paltrow.

After a decade of supporting hundreds of creatives, professionals, start-ups, and founders in articulating and realizing their goals as a business coach, she has set her sights on disrupting the personal-development landscape. Born from her own frustrations with a lack of exceptional technology in the coaching space, her newest venture, Sphere, enhances the experience of personal coaching. By transforming and scaling the way guidance is accessed and delivered, Sphere makes the experience of personal coaching customized, convenient and totally approachable. 

Devon was named 1 of the 30 most fabulous entrepreneurs by PROFIT Magazine, one of the ’InspiringFifty’ women in STEM in Canada and awarded Business in Vancouver’s 2017 ‘Top Forty Under 40.’  She was also named No. 1 mom in 2018 by her husband & two young children. 

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