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Money & Other Things We Never Talk About with Deep Dive Dinners co-creators Episode 34 She Breaks The Mold Podcast on

Money & Other Things We Never Talk About With Deep Dive Dinner Co-Creators, Elenna Mosoff and Danika Zoe

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When I learned the topic for the August Deep Dive Dinners event in Toronto was “Money: Does it make the world go around?”, I was IN.  Money, being one of my favourite topics to discuss with people I know, was about to become my favourite thing to talk about with strangers.

At the end of the event, co-creators Elenna Mosoff and Danika Zoe agreed to continue the conversation on the She Breaks The Mold Podcast, so today is your lucky day. Bet you didn’t know that when you woke up this morning. Surprise!

Elenna and Danika created Deep Dive Dinners as “an opportunity to disconnect from the echo chamber of the online world and have a lively, multi-faceted conversation with people you may not ever meet. We seek not to solve or come to consensus around our topics, but rather to give them space, breath, and perspective that you might not otherwise get in your day to day existence, or in your immediate circles.”

I couldn’t put it better than that, so I lifted that copy straight from their facebook group!

So, how do we have better conversations anyway?

How to have better conversations Episode 34 She Breaks The Mold Podcast at

What We Discuss

  • Our personal fears about money, as women and business owners
  • A little behind the scenes on what it’s really like to build a coaching business
  • How we conflate self-worth with net-worth in typical money conversations and why that’s not helpful
  • How the first years of business building can be a bit of a crap-shoot and the work each of us has done on our money mindsets to make it a little less crappy
  • Why these conversations about important topics are essential for social connectedness
  • What’s next for Deep Dive Dinners
  • What Elenna and Danika want you to do next with this conversation!


To register for the next Deep Dive Dinner on Sept 24, visit the facebook page or purchase tickets here.

For more information or to attend Camp Wild Hearts from Sept 13-15, visit the website now!

Danika Zoe is the founder of Fearless Leadership + Coaching Co, working with driven professionals and forward-thinking organizations who want to create authentic leadership in process AND in practice. With a dual specialty in Coaching & Change Management Consulting, she is a firm believer that if you change your thoughts, you can change your mind – and your life. She empowers her clients to courageously lead “from the front” – creating a vision where they feel truly connected to their purpose and to the action they need to take. Danika is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Certified Change Management Professional (Prosci ADKAR) and holds a degree in Cognitive Behavioural Science from York University. Follow her on Instagram or Facebook.

Elenna Mosoff is a certified professional co-active coach (CPCC) with a focus on leadership development. She brings 15 years as an international professional theatre director to the work she does now as a professional coach and facilitator. Elenna approaches her clients with authenticity, depth and a wide range of creative strategies to help them get from where they are to where they want to be. Elenna believes that by connecting people to themselves and to one another, productivity and creativity has an opportunity to flourish. She has a knack for helping teams and cohorts gel, and is often referred to as Camp Counselor of the Universe. As a former theatre director, Elenna has worked all around the world with not-forprofit companies, as well as with large institutions. As an entrepreneur, Elenna cofounded The Mission Business Inc, a creative strategy agency that for the past five years has blended together theatre and strategic foresight to create immersive team building events inside organizations. Elenna has an Honors BA with a focus on Comparative Religion and an MFA in Professional Theatre Direction. She has her CPCC designation as a coach through The Coaches Training Institute and has recently completed CTI’s 10-month global Leadership program in Sonoma, California.

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