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Mai-Kee Tsang Episode #33 She Breaks The Mold Podcast at

How to comunicate your brand with courage and consistency with Mai-kee Tsang

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This episode was born from a cold pitch from today’s guest that ticked all the boxes in my “How To Pitch Yourself As A Podcast Guest” post from a few weeks ago. Mai-Kee Tsang‘s pitch immediately drew me in and I knew her message is one you will want (and need!) to hear.  Especially if you want more prospects responding to your emails and communications in the way I did to hers.

Mai-kee is a Launch Strategist and Conversion Copywriter for purpose driven online businesses. She helps them build their authority in business, and discover their Brand DNA so that they can thrive when they launch their signature courses.

We talk a lot about what that means and how she can help you in this episode, but first we dig into the name of her podcast – The Quiet Rebels – and how it came to be. It’s a story of growth, acknowledgement of purpose and authenticity that will inspire you if you’re in the same place, looking to find just the right wording or feeling to describe yourself and how you serve your clients.


How to build a brand with courage and consistency Ep 33 She Breaks The Mold podcast with Mai-kee Tsang at

But Mai-kee brings more than just the touchy-feely to this episode! She give us a mini-masterclass in several areas:

  1. Her Brand DNA™ framework – a key process she uses to help clients identify and integrate their brand voice, their pillars of influence and persuasion, their values and the story behind their brand
  2. How to Convert With Courage – identifying the five levels of courage in entrepreneurship and where you fall in the pyramid so you know exactly where to step up next
  3. A primer on her mentor, Ry Schwartz’ process called “Conversion Copywriting” or “Coaching the Conversion” and how it’s completely different from most sales based copywriting you’ve seen. It’s all about abundance and serving vs. fear or scarcity. In short, it’s based on the art of pull marketing vs. the traditional “push” we’re used to seeing and that feels a little icky to most of us.

You don’t want to miss the absolute gifts of wisdom Mai-kee offers us in this episode!

Listen here:

To connect with Mai-kee, follow her on instagram, connect with her via her website, or send her a message about connecting live. 

Thanks so much for listening! 

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