I'm Janet Whalen. I help ambitious, entrepreneurial women like you manage your money mindset and learn "How to CEO" in YOUR business

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Sound Familiar?
"I run my own show and am quite ambitious, but feel like career advice for corporate women doesn't apply to me

I was ambitious enough to start my own business but I still sometimes struggle with confidence, owning my voice as a leader, and figuring out how to be profitable. I'm ready to stop underselling myself and apologizing for wanting more. I believe in my business and know I can create financial freedom for myself and my family, but I sometimes worry about who I'll have to become to make it real. I want to own the CEO role I'm creating for myself, but I'm not always sure I'm doing it 'right'."

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A little about me »

Hi! I’m Janet...

I'm a Business Coach/Consultant for ambitious, entrepreneurial women. I help women like you build confidence from courage, find your true CEO voice and create a strong, abundant mindset around money and success - however you define it.

Whether you're just launching or in the midst of growing your own business - I want to help you achieve it all. I believe successful, financially independent, entrepreneurial women can change the world. And I'll be the courageous voice that's ambitious for you until you're ready to be ambitious for yourself.

I also host the She Breaks The Mold podcast. I introduce you to women who break the mold by unapologetically living their ambitious dreams, and who want to be ambitious for other women so they can do the same.

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More About Me and what I want for you...

How We Can Work Together

Individual Coaching

Want to work together privately? Just you and me, working on your specific goals to transform your business, break down barriers and bust glass money ceilings. By phone or Zoom call.

Online Programs

Online programs to help you master your negotiation skills and money mindset, and communicate with authority and leadership in your business.

Workshops & Speaking

I'm available to speak on various topics relating to women in business from mastering your money mindset, setting effective boundaries, the difference between courage and confidence and why we might be focusing on the wrong thing...and more

She Breaks The Mold Podcast

The podcast for women who are ambitious for themselves and each other at work. Whether it's a solo episode with me on a coaching topic that will help you move forward in your business, or an interview with a woman who lifts up other women through her work, every episode is designed to inspire, educate and help you break the mold in your business. Episode links below or find me wherever you listen to podcasts.

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    What My Clients Want You To Know...

    Janet, you have been the catalyst for our group of women, and I know that the insights from your presentation will challenge those who participated, as well as challenge those around us as we build our confidence, to create an inclusive and understanding place to work and live. I am looking forward to having you join us again, and in the interim, we will continue to enjoy your podcasts.
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    Sue Tanel
    VP Business Banking, BMO, GTA West
    Before Janet's program, I didn't realize I had so many limiting beliefs about money. Janet's structured approach helped me identify them and develop a strategy to overcome them quickly. Her approach is clear and insightful - so many A-ha moments! - from empowering my money voice to uncovering how my money mindset was affecting my business growth, to exploring what's possible. I now understand the true value of what I offer and feel like this was a solid investment in my business and in myself. Highly recommend this course!
    Be Ambitious For Her favicon
    Mary Ealden
    Happiness Coach
    I was skeptical of the business benefits of coaching but thought, if nothing else, it could help validate the things I was doing right in my business. I was wrong. In a very short time, Janet helped me change my outlook on scaling my company and doesn't let me coast during our calls. After each session, I feel better equipped to run my company with a clear sense of what success looks like. Janet helps me understand what my role is as CEO at an early stage, and how I need to lead now in order to be the leader I envision 5 years from now. She gave me the recipe for "how to CEO".
    Be Ambitious For Her favicon
    Amanda Munday
    Founder/CEO, TheWorkaround.ca, Author
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