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Build confidence from courage. Take control of your career. No more apologies.

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Corporate/Not For Profit Employee
I'm ready to advance my career but not sure how to get to the next step

I don't always call myself ambitious, but I am looking for ways to achieve my career goals while still living a meaningful life. I'm not where I want to be in my career and don't feel I'm being paid what I'm worth. I know I have much more to contribute and am ready to move up/on.

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Self Employed
I run my own show and am quite ambitious, but feel like career advice for corporate women doesn't apply to me

I was ambitious enough to start my own business but I still sometimes struggle with confidence, using my voice and negotiating. I'm ready to stop underselling myself and apologizing for wanting more.

Wherever YOU fit, I can help you define and go after your personal ambitions. Click below to get started.

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Stay-At-Home-Mom Returning to Work
I'm ready to return to work but my life looks different now. I want to find a way to blend personal/work satisfaction

I want to get back to work - for me, and to contribute to my family's finances again. I need help selling myself to a world that doesn't recognize the value moms offer, and convincing them I didn't lose my brain when my kids were born.

A little about me »

Hi! I’m Janet...

I'm a CoActive Coach and I help women like you build confidence from courage, take control of your career, and stop apologizing for your ambition.

Whether you are: negotiating your salary, ready for a promotion or raise, returning to work after maternity leave, or launching a completely new career or business - I want to help you achieve it all. I'll be the courageous voice that's ambitious for you until you're ready to be ambitious for yourself.

I also host the She Breaks The Mold podcast. I introduce you to women who break the mold by unapologetically living their ambitious dreams, and who want to be ambitious for other women so they can do the same.

Join us for a new conversation every other Wednesday!

More About Me and what I want for you...

How We Can Work Together

Individual Coaching

Want to work together privately? Just you and me, working on your specific goals 1:1. By phone or Zoom call.

Group Coaching & Online Programs

Small group and self-directed (coming soon!) online programs are available


I'm available to speak on various topics relating to women at work: how unconscious bias affects women at work, women and negotiation...etc

She Breaks The Mold Podcast

Every other Wednesday I post a new episode with a woman who breaks the mold at work, and who is ambitious for herself and other women. Episode links below or find me wherever you listen to podcasts

What My Clients Want You To Know...

Janet, you have been the catalyst for our group of women, and I know that the insights from your presentation will challenge those who participated, as well as challenge those around us as we build our confidence, to create an inclusive and understanding place to work and live. I am looking forward to having you join us again, and in the interim, we will continue to enjoy your podcasts.
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Sue Tanel
VP Business Banking, BMO, GTA West
From our first session, Janet's warmth and depth of knowledge instantly made me comfortable. Through helpful exercises, I discovered important insights I was having trouble figuring out on my own. Janet really pushed me to reframe my negative thoughts and self-imposed barriers that were holding me back and now I feel equipped to confront those challenging areas of my life. I recommend reaching out to Janet if you, like me, need a push to get out of that rut and adopt more positive thinking.
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Emily G.
I went into my sessions facing lack of direction in my career. With helpful intake exercises, Janet helped me first to see more clearly where I was at. She took the time to understand my values, interests and reservations. And throughout, helped me see how my values affect my decision-making. Always welcoming, affirming and non-judgemental, I can't thank Janet enough for the support she's given me over the past few months.
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Mary T.
Community Outreach
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