Break Your Glass Ceiling

Break Your Glass Ceiling

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Feeling limited in your current role? Ready to play bigger but not sure how to start? Is it past time to prioritize your own career objectives or timelines?

I’ve been there, and I get it…

You have the technical skills, you have the wisdom of experience, but you’re not getting the financial compensation OR the professional recognition that you’ve worked so hard to earn. Or, you can’t see a clear path to career advancement.

You might also have a few limiting beliefs about what’s expected of you as a woman and how you’re perceived by others. And that makes it much harder to get ahead

Break Your Glass Ceiling is a 6-month, virtual group coaching program for women who want to own their strengths and develop the skills necessary to advance in their careers, while addressing any barriers that get in their way. 

This program will help you:

  • Develop a stronger voice in your workplace
  • Identify and advocate for your own wants and needs, and
  • Become more confident and capable of advancing your career – breaking YOUR glass ceiling!


A virtual group coaching program for women who want to recognize the value of their natural strengths, be seen as the leader they are, and develop essential skills to get ahead in their career.

Why Now?

  • Because you’re tired of being overlooked for promotions and feeling that your opinion doesn’t count
  • Because you are skilled and capable yet somehow you can’t see yourself as the leader you are
  • Because you have great ideas and you want to be able to speak up and be heard
  • Because you are motivated and ambitious and you deserve to feel great about yourself and get ahead in your career!

What’s in it for you?

In the Break the Glass Ceiling program, you’ll be invited to focus on the positive changes you want to create in your career and what (or who) is inspiring you right now.  You’ll learn how to optimize your conversation skills to develop a rich network of connections that can help you advance in your career in a way that feels authentic and celebrates your natural strengths.

With the support of your coach and the other women in the group, you’ll practice taking credit for your work and speaking up in your workplace, learning from each experience to help you get better every time.  You’ll learn how to position yourself as the leader you are, and find out what you need to know in order to negotiate your way to a raise and/or promotion.

Just as importantly, you’ll discover the limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from being seen as the leader you are, and feeling proud of yourself and your progress every day.

What's Included?

This six month virtual group coaching program includes:

  • 1.5 hour intake session (1:1)
  • Monthly group calls (6)
  • Monthly 1:1 coaching session with me (6)
  • A workbook for each of SIX topics with self-discovery exercises to help you assess your own strengths, values and capacity to influence positive change
  • Practical activities to support your career advancement
  • Accountability partners
  • Access to a secure online discussion forum with additional resources
  • A non-judgmental environment in which to practice and play with new ideas and behaviours, and be a more powerful presence
  • Recognition of what makes you unique and valuable through self-assessment & reflection
  • Access to applicable research on gender imbalances and what works to counteract them
  • Focus on creating new possibilities in your career
  • Opportunity to take time for yourself and explore your own wants/needs

This coaching program can help you break your own glass ceilings so that you are more confident, see yourself as the leader you are, feel great about yourself and your capacity to influence others, and get ahead in your career



Most frequent questions and answers

The minimum is 3 and the maximum is 8, in order to provide an effective group atmosphere where everyone has a chance to participate and learn from one another’s experience and willingness to share

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Because the benefits of the group environment can only be achieved when everyone shows up, I won’t record the group sessions. If you must miss one, I will email you the content you missed.

No! Research shows that women at all levels experience similar concerns and issues with owning their voices, expressing opinions and negotiating. However, the content is geared towards mid-level career-women.

Because your results are entirely dependent upon the work and effort you put into this program, and how much you participate in the group components, I can’t offer a guarantee. However, you only pay at the start of each month so if you need to withdraw, please speak with me. Refunds for previous months will not be provided and you may not leave the course and come back the next month. You would have to re-register the next time I run the program.

Break Your Glass Ceiling is a six-month program. A new topic is introduced at the group session on the first Tuesday of each month. Your program ends with your final 1:1 session, at some point during the sixth month. You will have access to your private facebook group for one month following the end of the group programming, so you’ll have time to make connections with the other women in your group or save any files that were shared. The facebook group will be deleted at the end of that month.

Your investment is $399 per month, for six months of in- depth training on valuable topics like: Negotiating for raises, promotions and opportunities, and establishing yourself as the best candidate for a promotion or job. PLEASE NOTE: There is a special offer for those who participate in one of my info session webinars before registering. Contact me for more details or register for a webinar via the link below