Janet Whalen Business Coach/Consultant for ambitious women business owners BeAmbitiousForHer.com

Do you have big dreams for your business but aren't sure how to break down the barriers to growth? Let's work together.

I help women connect with their courage, find their CEO voice and stop apologizing for what they want.

I’m a business coach, podcaster, marketer and mom and I wear all of these hats together to help women like you design a business that’s fulfilling, energizing and fits you like a glove.

I help women entrepreneurs like you who are either just starting out or growing your business, through one-to-one coaching, and online individual and group programs to support you.

I’ve worked in client service, corporate roles, not-for-profit, startups and as an entrepreneur. I’ve experienced the working world for women from almost all angles and almost certainly, can relate to your experience. 

I’m passionate about helping women like you understand and then own your confidence and value so you can surpass your goals with grace and ease, and grow the business of your dreams.

A few things I value: authentic connection, deep conversation, speaking truth to power, open, honest communication, and integrity – especially in the face of challenge. I commit to challenging you to help you move forward, even when the going gets tough. I believe you don’t have to change who you are to succeed in your business, or to grow wealth. And I know women like us can change the world through our collaborative influence and courageous, empathetic action. 

Whatever your goals, I’m ambitious for you until you’re ready to be ambitious for yourself! Connect with me at janet@beambitiousforher.com to get started.

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